Dish Name餐名+ Price价格 Buy Now立刻买
N169 Special Fried Noodles £8.99 Buy Now立刻买
N164 Mixed Seafood Chow-Mein N164 Mixed Seafood Chow-Mein £8.99 Buy Now立刻买
N162 Singapore Noodles (Mild) N162 Singapore Noodles (Mild) £8.49 Buy Now立刻买
N161 Chicken Chow-Mein N161 Chicken Chow-Mein £7.99 Buy Now立刻买
N165 Vegetable Chow-Mein N165 Vegetable Chow-Mein £7.99 Buy Now立刻买
N181 Egg Fried Rice N181 Egg Fried Rice £4.99 Buy Now立刻买
N182 Seafood with Fried Rice N182 Seafood with Fried Rice £8.99 Buy Now立刻买
N184 Boiled Rice N184 Boiled Rice £2.99 Buy Now立刻买
N185 King Prawns on Fried Rice N185 King Prawns on Fried Rice £8.99 Buy Now立刻买
N187 Singapore Rice £8.49 Buy Now立刻买
N189 Yang Zhou Fried Rice (Special Fried Rice) £7.99 Buy Now立刻买

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